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For Immediate Release-
October 18, 2010

WINNIPEG, Manitoba - As the GLBT community is rattled by suicides of bullying victims, Jeremy Bradley's Top of The Charts stops the music and hits the airwaves for a special one-hour commercial-free broadcast.

Airing Wednesday, Oct. 20 -- or "Spirit Day", the syndicated radio show features a series of guests addressing the growing problem of GLBT bullying and suicides.

"It's strange how far we've come in the world, yet some people still feel it is OK to harass others," said Bradley. "It's hoped we can offer support to those in need and get through to those who need a lesson in respect."

Joining the discussion are GLBT organizations, including GLAAD and PFLAG, along with celebrity guests to offer insight into the bullying problem.

"We reached out to Hollywood for this show," said Bradley. "Celebrities are role models and we know the impact their words can have. Standby for the guest list, but we've got a great line-up coming on the show."

The GLBT community is encouraged to send their stories and share experiences -- were you harassed or bullied? Email

The full one-hour broadcast will be available to syndicated stations airing Top of The Charts and will be available for download at

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Taking a stand
Top of The Charts airs a special commercial- and music-free broadcast to stop bullying